Girl Power AND a Giveaway

This picture is of a coffee a friend brought me when we were on our way to a girls weekend at the beach (just before I got engaged to my now husband and pregnant with our son; this seems like a lifetime ago); she had written this sweet message on the cup for me and it made me smile 💖…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Yoga

What 30 days of yoga did for me

I couldn’t fit all 30 poses in the collage; but here are most of the poses from the 30 day yoga living challenge I did through OmStars and Kino Yoga, in the month of January. Prior to getting pregnant I was a (mostly) private yoga instructor (occasionally I would sub at a studio or something; but I love working with…

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Who doesn’t love winning stuff

—This giveaway is now closed— If you follow me on Instagramand/or Facebook you may have seen that I’ve partnered up with some amazing, fellow bloggers (This Messy Season, Faithfully Beautiful, Mrs. Bishop, and I just want to finish my…) to give away an amazing bundle of goodies! By participating you have the chance to win: A $25 Starbucks gift card A $25 Target…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Family, Vacation

Family Vacation

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted (almost a week I think 😢); and what a week it has been! My classes started back up (I’m starting my second term (of four) of the Functional Nutrition program I’m in); and I’ve been getting us (and our home) ready for our first long, vacation since having our son. Can any…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Exercise, Parenthood

All in the day of a life of a Mom

So I started this blog last night but then our son woke up, needing to eat, and I had to pause… then I fell asleep and now it is today! Yesterday morning I started my day off right with one of the Mom and baby Fit4Mom workout classes I go to; Stroller Barre. Then I came home and it was…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Family, Hiking, Yoga

Planks and parks

Happy Monday everyone 🙂 I love long weekends! It is so nice to have my husband home an extra day and get that time together as a family. This weekend we went on two hikes!!! It felt like life pre-baby; except even better because our son was with us. But this is what my husband and I use to do,…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Family, Hiking, Recipe, Yoga

Saturday and Sunshine

Today was seriously a glorious day! I woke up this morning and made my family some delicious vegan waffles (click here to go to my favorite recipe (and the one I used) from Minimalist Baker!). I make waffles often and usually add in oats, but since we have had so much oatmeal this week, I left it out and mixed…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Athleta, Fit4Mom, Yoga

All the yoga

When you focus on something, like really put your focus on it… I swear you bring more of it into your life! And in this case, that is a good thing!!! Today is day 12 of the 30 day yoga challenge I am leading, through Omstars and Kino Yoga (head to my YouTube tab to see the latest how-to videos!); PLUS I…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Cooking, Parenthood, Vegan, Yoga

I am a Warrior

                                        I’m lying here typing this up in the dark, on my phone, holding our sleeping son because he’s woken up 3 times since we’ve put him to bed; Dad is out at soccer; and I’m praying that this isn’t one…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge, Life, Yoga

Just a day

Hey everyone! Nothing new happening over here; just one of those “regular” days 🙂 And I mean that in the best way possible. We all have those days, right? That is what normal, day-to-day life is made up of; the routine, good days! Our son slept well last night (thank God!), so him and I were able to get our…

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